Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016

The language of flowers - a cover for a jounal

It's time for the last MATS bootcamp by Lilla Rogers assignment. This time the topic is to design a cover for a journal with flowers and letters.

That's the first idea and a beginning of a designing process. Let's see where the journey will end.

If you are curious to see all the preview assignment themes have a look at the Make Art That Sells website. The last months I was working on:

March: A Coloring Book Cover with 1920’s Hairstyles and Faces art
April: ORNAMENTS for the Home Décor Market LUMBERJACKS
May: DESIGN A TAROT CARD for the Wall Décor or Gift Market with MEDIEVAL SYMBOLS Style
June: CHILDREN’S BOOK with a Vicuñas Charachter

And now have a great time everyone!